Sunday, March 22, 2009

Art for Dog Lovers

Allover Art! I take great joy in creating hand-painted wearable art with a resin finish. This resin finish really brings out the vibrancy of color in each painting, and gives them an eye-catching shine. My wearable art collection features pendants, brooches, rings, and bobby pins. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Allover Art is a proud member of the NCTriangle Team and the ACE Team.Looking for my pet portraits? Please visit my other fine art shop which has pet portraits and original oil paintings: (work in progress)

I just fell in love with her work. Check out the Etsy Store.


Scholarship to the Slipcover Summit... Deadline?

Here's Angie with the 2008 Scholarship Awardees, Jenni and Donna

I heard over breakfast this morning that the
Slipcover Summit Scholarship Deadline is April 1st.

If you are planning on attending the Slipcover Summit and would like some assistance in the cost to attend, this is YOUR CHANCE

If you are sending in your application via snail mail let us know.

Go to

I can't go because I don't sew, but I know Claudia will be teaching.

Want to know more about the Summit go to